Protect Your Loved Ones

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Add a Beneficiary to your Account Now!

We encourage you to protect your loved ones by keeping all beneficiary information up-to-date on your accounts. This will help eliminate any hassle for your loved ones during the event of your passing.

Beneficiary Update Online Form

Did you know a beneficiary on an account trumps your will?

By adding a beneficiaries to your account can simplify the probate process? Easily ensure the heirs of your choice receive your assets by assigning beneficiaries to your account!

Naming a beneficiary is the first item skipped over when opening an account, but this small step can save a huge headache – for your loved ones – later on. Take this time, to update your beneficiary information! Keep in mind, it is also important to keep your beneficiary’s information updated as well. In the event something happens to you, we will need to be able to contact your beneficiary to fulfill your wishes!

NY TEAM also offers the option to take advantage of CUNA’s Life Insurance when you borrow with us. This is another great service the Credit Union offers you without leaving a burden on your loved ones.

NY TEAM Federal Credit Union understands it is difficult time for anyone in the event of a passing; we are here to help. We are able to assist through the difficult task of settling a loved one’s financial affairs with our How to Guide on Handling the Finances of a Deceased Person.