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Share Account FeesFee Amount
Monthly Maintenance FeeFREE
Dormant Fee of 12 months (excludes minors) In order to avoid this fee, you must complete a transaction on your account at least once every 12 months.$5.00 Monthly
Dormant Fee of 3 years$25.00 Monthly
Research fee for Deceased Account excess of 6 months$100.00
Teller Check (payable to anyone other than account holder)$5.00
Share Cap Fee$0.00 Monthly
Teller Check Stop Payment$10.00
Teller Check Copy$5.00
Special Savings WithdrawalFREE
Checking Account FeesFee Amount
ACH, Check, Money Order Stop Payment Fee$30.00
Copy of Check within 6 Months$5.00 (Done Online.. Free)
Overdraft from Shares or Line of Credit$8.00
Temporary Checks Per 10$5.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee*2 Free a Month after $1.50
Checkbook OrderVariable
ATM & Debit Card FeesFee Amount
Balance Inquiry$1.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee $1.50 after 2 FREE from Primary Draft Account
Debit Card Cash Advance$5.00
New Debit Card IssuanceFREE
Replacement Debit Card Lost/Stolen within a Year$10.00
Club Account FeesFee Amount
Education Club Accountsee disclosure
Vacation & Holiday Early Withdrawal2 Free a Month then $5.00 each
Miscellaneous Service FeesFee Amount
Return on any deposited item at the CU$20.00
All Returned Items (NSF) (attempted ACH transactions, checks, and/or everyday debit transactions that would reduce balance below $25.00)$30.00*

A Fee may be imposed each time, ACH or debit transfer, and any other type of item is presented or payment is otherwise requested.
Courtesy Pay Processing Fee (accounts 30+ days negative)$10.00
Courtesy Pay

The Credit Union limits to 5 Courtesy Pay Transfers per day.

A Fee may be imposed each time, ACH or debit transfer, and any other type of item is presented or payment is otherwise requested.
Check Collections (per item)$40.00
Check Protest (per item) Collected through Court $40.00
Teller Check$5.00
Money Order$2.00
Money Order for Retirees$1.25
Research and Balance Accounts (per hour)$15.00
Account Verification$5.00
Copy of Statement$5.00
Copy of Statement with E-Statements from February 2021FREE
Money Market $2,500 Minimum Balance Fee$10.00 Month
Transaction History Printout$5.00
Domestic Wire Transfer $20.00
Return Wire Transfer Fee$20.00
International Wire Transfer$40.00
Incoming Wire Transfer Fee over $1,500.00$5.00
Subpoena, Levy, Restraining Order$45.00
Overnight MailCost
Returned Mail $5.00
Loan Skip A Payment Fee$25.00 for one loan, $35.00 for multiple loans
Notary Public for membersFree
Shared Branch Transactions (at any CO-OP Shared Branch location)Free

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