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Keep Cash in Your Wallet

There are times in life when it helps to have more cash in your wallet. We offer Skip-a-Pay for when those times arise. If you have loans in good standing with us, you could qualify to skip your next loan payment.

Skip A Month worth of Payments with our Skip-A-Pay program!

Attention: *When filling out your Skip-A-Pay form, ensure you are adding each member listed on the loan. All loan owners must sign the Skip-A-Pay form.


How to Qualify

Our Skip-a-Pay option may be able to help:
  • If you need assistance with your Personal, Auto, Boat, or Motorcycle Loan
  • The fastest way to complete a Skip-a-Pay request is through our online form.
  • Your account must be in good standing and cannot have had a previous modification.

Instant Answers for Skip-a-Pay

Is there a fee for Skip-a-Pay?
A Skip-a-Pay fee will be processed as per the Credit Union’s Fee Schedule for each skip request.

When can I request a skip?
All requests must be received at least five calendar days before payment is due. Each Skip includes one month of loan payment(s).

Can I skip two month’s of payments in a year?
Yes, you may take advantage of our Summer and Holiday Skip-A-Pay program. Each Skip-A-Pay program skips a full month of loan payment(s).

How does skipping affect finance charges?
On qualifying loans, interest will continue to accrue during the waived payment period which will result in the term of the loan being extended.
How do I qualify for Skip-a-Pay?
You are allowed to skip the next loan payment under the following conditions:
  • The next payment due date on the loan must be at least five calendar days before the payment is due.
  • Loans must be in good standing and cannot be a part of a modification.
Which loans do not qualify for Skip-a-Pay?
Mortgage, Home Equity Loans, Credit Card, and PAL Loans are not eligible for Skip-a-Pay.