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NY TEAM has something for Everyone!

If you’re looking for “full-service” banking, no matter where you are in life’s journey, you will find it at NY TEAM, where we’re moving dreams forward. Unlike banks, NY TEAM offers that personal touch and an array of products and services, which gives you the power to take ownership of your financial future.

As a NY TEAM Federal Credit Union member/owner, you have access to a complete, competitive line of financial products and services, as well as convenience. NY TEAM offers a variety of loans and mortgage products, a Mobile APP, credit cards, FREE checking accounts, savings accounts, holiday and vacation clubs, access to over 4,900+ surcharge-free ATMs, E-Statements, convenient locations and many other conveniences. These products and services are all available to meet your financial needs and help you manage your finances.

  • Direct Deposit

    Safe, fast and convenient. Your net paycheck comes directly to your Credit Union account for distributions that you specify.

  • EMV Debit Master Card

    This Debit card can be used at any of the millions of merchant locations around the world displaying the NYCE/CIRRUS symbol. You will receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to allow withdrawals from your savings or checking account at an ATM. All other transactions are handled in much the same manner as a credit card transaction, except that the money is deducted from your savings account or checking account if you have one.

  • Relationship Pricing

    With our Relationship Pricing Program, you could qualify for up to a total of 1.00% off your interest rate along with ATM rebates and fee-free Money Order, Teller Checks and Transfers. Designed to help our members save money for using our products & services.

  • Teller Audio Response:

    (516) 822-0170, option #1 Is an easy, convenient way to have access to your Credit Union accounts seven days a week 24 hours a day from anywhere at anytime. By using a touch-tone telephone, your account number and a special PIN you can get account information and make transfers.

  • E-Statement

    Is a great service which allows you to access your statements electronically, and archives your statements up to 7 years. Log-in to our Home Banking to sign up for E-Statements. Go Green Today!

  • Money Orders

    are for sale for a modest fee. Money orders are a safe and easy way to make payments.

  • Mobile App

    Mobile banking gives you easy access to your account information right from your phone, or tablet, allowing you to monitor your finances wherever you are.

  • Notary Services

    The Credit Union offers Notary Services at all of our branches, free of charge for our members.

  • Overdraft Protection

    As a member of the Credit Union, you can manage your money conveniently without the stress of bounced checks or insufficient funds. We realize that the unexpected sometimes happen, or perhaps you miscalculated your balance, and as a result an overdraft occurs. We’ve all done it; forgotten to deduct that ATM withdrawal or debit card purchase. To help protect you, we provide three overdraft options.

  • Wire Transfers

    Whether you are sending or receiving money over state lines or overseas, NY TEAM Federal Credit Union will help you get your money where it needs to be with a wire transfer. A wire transfer is a quick and secure way to send or receive money to or from a family member or friend when the need arises.

  • Courtesy Pay

    See below:

Courtesy Pay

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Eligibility$250.00 CP Limit$500.00 CP Limit
Minimum Age of Member1818
Account Days Open60-180 Days181+
Minimum Monthly Deposit$100.00$100.00

Standard Courtesy Pay* covers transactions including checks, electronic debits and automatic bill payments. For overdraft protection on your ATM and debit card transactions, Federal Regulations require you to personally ‘Opt-In’.

If you would not like to take advantage of this great service, you can easily Opt-Out with our form below. We also offer you the opportunity to lower your $500 Courtesy pay limit by using the Opt-Out form also.


Remember: the limit daily for a Pin-based transaction using your Master Money Debit Card is $1,000. In other words any purchase or ATM withdrawal which requires the use of your PIN will not be able to surpass $1,000 for that day.

Your debit card can also be used for credit card type transactions where no PIN is necessary once you select “credit” at the Point Of Sale. The limit daily for this transaction is $2,500. It is recommended that you use this for most purchases if possible which will allow you to have more funds at your disposal for the day. This also includes any method of payment that requires your Debit Card number.

Maintaining a check register is an excellent way to balance your checking account.  This allows you to record any withdrawals and deposits from the available amount keeping in mind what your new balance ought to be.

Making use of the Online Banking and Phone service is a great help in more ways than one. This allows you to find out what cleared the account. We encourage you to use this system to check balances as well. This way you can avoid that $1 fee charged each time there is a balance inquiry.

Opting in to Courtesy Pay. A service now offered by your credit union to alleviate the stress of incoming payments. We have automatically enrolled all our members, and incoming checks and other checking accounts debits will be covered up to $500. Opting in will also cover your every day debit card transactions up to $500 (including the minimal transaction fee of $30).

*Courtesy Pay is not a contractual obligation between the Credit Union and you. The $500.00 Overdraft limit is to include all Courtesy Pay fees occurred with overdrafts on your checking account. If any item is paid under the Courtesy Pay program, we will send you a notice to the address on record. You must bring your account to a positive status by paying back the funds that were covered [including the amount of the overdrawn item(s) and the Courtesy Pay Fee(s)]. Any account that remains in negative status will have the Courtesy Pay privileges revoked. In addition, these accounts will be charged off by the 45th day or sooner if they remain in a negative status. As set forth in the Credit Union’s Account Agreement, you agree that we have the right of offset against any Credit Union Account(s) in which you have an ownership interest to cover any amount owed to us. You have the option of opting out of this program at any time. When you opt-out of the program, checks and other items will not be covered when there are not sufficient funds in the account. If you receive a direct deposit from social security or other federal benefit check, you must opt-out if you do not want us to apply those funds to repay an overdraft. To withdraw from Courtesy Pay, you must submit an Opt-Out Notice (located on our website) to 65 Broadway Hicksville, NY 11801.