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NY TEAM Federal Credit Union is a full-service, federally insured credit union. With 3 conveniently located offices, we provide a variety of financial services, and we’ve been doing it since 1969! Created by rail road employees for rail road employees and their families. If you are not currently a member, you may want to browse our site and see what we have to offer. View our Membership Information below to see if you qualify for membership.

If you’re already a member, please invite your family to join us. Immediate (as defined by NCUA) family- your spouse, children, parents, brothers, and sisters are all eligible. Please feel free to look around and see just what NY TEAM  can offer you.

Mission Statement:

NY TEAM Federal Credit Union is a member-owned and member-controlled financial cooperative formed and operated by people whose purpose is to support and promote: The provision of a broad range of high-quality, cost-effective financial services, The education and assistance of members in achieving their financial goals, and The assurance of the credit union’s continuing financial stability while upholding the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”


Lifetime Membership:

The policy of NY TEAM Federal Credit Union is “Once A Member Always A Member!” This means that after you join the Credit Union you can retain your membership, with all the benefits, no matter where you go. To open your own account at NY TEAM, you need to deposit and maintain $1.00 in a regular share account. To join the credit union, please stop by one of our convenient locations or call (516) 822-1070.

Joint Ownership:

You may make any person a joint owner on your account. However, joint ownership by itself does not constitute membership. Joint ownership does allow another person(s) to make deposits and withdrawals on your account at any time. If you desire a joint owner, just let us know and we will forward the necessary paperwork to you.

Membership in NY TEAM Federal Credit Union is open to:

Any employees of a Credit Union Trade Association, including the NY TEAM Federal Credit Union, N.Y. Credit Union League, Credit Union National Association in Washington, and employees of the National Association of Federal Credit Unions. Any relative, by blood or marriage, of any current NY TEAM Federal Credit Union member, no matter where they live or work, may join the credit union. Any employees or members of the following organizations:

The Long Island Rail Road Company
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Staten Island Rapid Transit
NJ Transit
Metro North
Eagle Electric
This Week Publications
Visiting Nurses
White Rose

Credit Union Visiting Your Office:

Credit Union staff and officials have been calling on all Select Employer Groups! Since the passage of NY TEAM has renewed its efforts to encourage all potential members to join the Credit Union and take advantage of its many services and benefits. So far, these efforts have included packages of new membership materials being sent to all employer groups, routine fax broadcasts sent to employer group representatives (typically the Human Resource Manager), and site visits by Credit Union Management and Officials.

If your employer group would like to schedule a visit, tailored to your unique needs, please contact Megan, she can be reached at

We Need New Members:

Now is the time to open accounts for all the members of your family. This is a great opportunity to teach your children about thrift and the value of credit union membership.  Tell your co-workers and friends to join the Credit Union now! Membership benefits and services have never been better.

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