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Who can join NY TEAM Federal Credit Union?

You would need to belong to one of our charters or be an immediate relative of an individual who is already a member (spouse/domestic partner, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, stepchildren, and siblings). Our charters: The Long Island Rail Road, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Staten Island Rapid Transit, Amtrak, Conrail, NJ Transit, Metro North, White Rose, Road Company Aeroflex, Eagle Electric, North folk Southern, CSX, This Weeks Publications, Visiting Nurses, NCC.

 How can I join NY TEAM Federal Credit Union?

Very easily by filling out a membership application which you can find here. We also offer a Switch Kit, which makes the change hassle free.

 Why is there always a $1 difference between my balance and the available amount?

Credit union membership is based on ownership of a par value regular share which equals $1.00, which needs to be maintain at all times to be eligible for credit union services & benefits..

Can I still be a member once I retire or move out of state?

Yes, once a member always a member.  We offer online home banking so you can view your account and make any transaction you would normally do in the office online. Along with RDC, which allows you to deposit checks from anywhere!

Do you offer a Debit Card to Young Adults?

Yes, We do offer a Minor Debit Card to minors, ages 15 to 17. To be eligible a guardian will need to be a joint owner and also sign for full responsibility of all debit card transactions on the account. Please view our Teen Corner for additional information.

How long do I have to wait to apply for a loan or MasterCard after I have joined the credit union?

Don’t wait, apply immediately.

 How long does direct deposit take to start?

Typically takes two weeks from the date your employer receives the form you fill out.

 What is NY TEAM Federal Credit Union’s routing number?

NY TEAM Federal Credit Union’s routing and transit number for ACH, Direct Deposit, & Wire Transfer is: 2260-7612-2

When will I receive my debit card & checks?

Your new MasterCard debit card and checks should arrive in seven to ten business days. If you would like to receive temporary checks, just ask. We do offer Instant Issue debit card at all of our Branches!

How do I change my debit card pin number?

You will need to call our VRU #1-833-995-2910.

What happens if I am not by a branch how can I withdraw my money for free?

You can utilize our Shared Branch Service. Our Shared Branch services allows you to process transactions on your NY TEAM FCU account at a Shared Location with the teller.

If you withdraw your funds at one of our shared ATM’s there will be no surcharge. Use this website to locate those ATMS:

You may also do a point of sale transaction with your debit card, cash back option.

What is the ATM cash withdrawal limit?

$1,000.00 per day, per account; or you can use the credit portion of your debit card up to $2,500.00 a day.

I am vacation out of the country or state, will my debit card work?

Yes it will, be safe by adding our Fraud Hotline number to your phone 1-855-961-1602 in the event of a fraud event they will call you immediately.

How can I transfer funds from my account to another individual’s account, I am not on?

You can make this transfer through our Online Banking, you will need to know the members member number along with their last name.

How long does it take to hear back once a loan application is submitted?

Same Day, with NY TEAM FCU “Instant Decisions”.  If you have the time to wait, we have the time to tell you!

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