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Mail Fraud is on the Rise

Federal, State and Local authorities are reporting that mail theft is on the rise. Thieves are stealing mail to obtain checks that can be altered, forged, etc. to defraud you. The USPS advises that the best practice to avoid thief is to walk your checks into the Post Office and not put in the mailbox.

Be diligent, review your account.

Use Online & Mobile Banking to view the transactions on your account daily.

Sign up for E-Alerts and E-Receipts to be notified once a transaction is processed on your account.

Need to make a deposit into your account with us? Tap, Snap, Deposit! Use Remote Deposit Capture through our Mobile Banking APP!

Alternatives to mailing checks:
Sign up for ACH Payments with your creditors.
Sign up for bill-pay

In the event of a fraudulent transaction on your account, Notify the Fraud Department Immediately at (516) 822-1070.

Report Fraud

If you have been targeted by a fake check scan, Report it!

Report Fraud to the Federal Trade Commission

Report Mail Fraud to the United States Postal Inspection Service

Report to your State Attorney General

In the event of an Altered, Forged Check with NY TEAM we would need the following form filled out:

Fraudulent Check Affidavit

Acknowledge a check cleared through your account contains Signature Forged, Endorsement Forged, Counterfeit Item.

Affidavit of Claimant Check Fraud

To be safe, please get a police report and change your account number.